The District of Columbia had no formal representation in Congress before 1970. That year, President Nixon signed a bill giving the District one non-voting delegate to Congress.

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Danny on People’s District

Thank you for giving me the support and love to make People's District happen.

Mark on A Wider Circle

When we help a family in poverty, we are really helping ourselves. As humans, we don’t just s...

Wafa on Home

To me, Bahrain is home, but I still think of myself as someone from D.C. I really love this cit...

David on What We Can Learn From Chess

It would be great if everyone, especially the people in the White House, could learn to play ch...

Lorenzo on His Award-Winning Watering

I love to cook big, giant steaks and popcorn. We don't grow any steaks or popcorn at the garden...

Dionte on Construction, but with Plants

When I grow up, I want to be a construction worker, but if that doesn't work out, I will be a p...

Capitol Pechakucha with FotoWeek DC

Please join me and eight other presenters this evening at Capitol Pechakucha Night in partnersh...

Lola on City Blossoms

When you look around this city, so many of the spaces are built by and for adults. Most kids fe...

Danny on Danny Harris

Danny Harris interviews Danny Harris.

Michael on Being Down for Da Struggle

I remember my first experience with violence. I was seven or eight and playing outside of my ho...

Moving Portraits

Tracy and Josh on Fighting for D.C.

I used to work in the Maryland State Legislature, and people there felt like they could progres...

Josef on Making it Count

Working at an underground sex club taught me about hard work and humility. I got paid $9 an hou...

Troy on Running out of Gas

As we were running, my friend and I got split up and the white car chased me down to Clay Place...

John on Fighting Fires

Fighting fires runs in the family. It is in our blood.

Bill on Finding His Birth Parents

I'll be 60 in November, but I feel like I am getting younger as time moves forward.

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