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Derek on Being the Stereotype

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

=Derek S - 525

“I’m the stereotype of what all of you white folks think of black men in the ghetto. I’m 32, have five children who don’t live with me and served time for selling drugs. Don’t you judge me, though, because living here is hard as shit. I grew up in the projects of Southeast. Coming up in D.C. is fucking hard. There is a lot of racism and a lot of injustice. There’s a lot of fucked up shit going on, period. This is a political city and politicians need to care more about the people here and less about money. That’s how I feel.

I ain’t justifying my actions, but unless you live this and spend every day on these streets, you can’t have no idea of what we deal with: drugs, police brutality, bad schools, no opportunities.

“I ain’t justifying my actions, but unless you live this and spend every day on these streets, you can’t have no idea of what we deal with: drugs, police brutality, bad schools, no opportunities. That ain’t no way to live. People here become a product of their environment. You grow into what you see. It is hard for kids here to think that being a doctor, a lawyer or an entrepreneur is possible. The closest many people will get to success here is being a teenage mom or a drug dealer. That’s it.

“Every day is tough. If you’re not caught up in the loop, which is politics, you out of the game unless you want to sell drugs or get a lame-ass job that pays you nothing. You certainly not going to get nowhere if you play by the rules here.  If you have setbacks and get into trouble, you really ain’t going to get nowhere. After jail, you are looked upon as if you can’t do nothing and there is no use for you other than being locked up again or out here selling drugs. I been in jail twice, first time when I was 20 for selling drugs. But now, I have a job and am trying to make right.

“People in D.C. need to care about what is happening on these streets and in these projects. For all of you in other neighborhoods, especially the white folks in Northwest, there ain’t no difference between us. It’s what’s in your heart that matters.”

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1 Comment

  1. Derek–

    I know it sounds too simplistic of me as a native born D.C. African American female resident raised along with my siblings by two incredibly wonderful, smart, education-oriented, disciplined and hardworking parents–father/mother–to say I know it’s horribly hard for you and other African Americans who have grown up in opposite environments, but the fact is I really do know because I’ve seen it and had some close friends who lived it. And, what makes it even worse is when others white or black look down on you and blame you for all of society’s crimes and ills when you had no choice over who and what environment to which you would be born and raised in. But there is something that is far greater and stronger than either bad or better life situation, greater than parents, any other human beings, or situation on earth. Almighty God and His Word. Derek there is no power, guidance, righteous, or truth like that of Almighty God. Even many, many people who grow up with great parents and in stable or even financially wealthy home environments who also receive great educations and jobs have fallen and lost their lives and families to early deaths and destruction. The children of some of the richest people in the world have ended up dysfunctional even with extremely rich parents and inheritances of great financial and material wealth. Also, extremely rich people themselves often end up reclusive and living without any family alone relying on paid staff to help them take care of their many homes, prepare their meals, and so on. Some are so alone and estranged from family and friends for whatever reasons they leave huge estates and incredible sums of money to take care of their pets after their deaths. Many also become addicted to illegal prescription, alcohol, or street drugs such as cocaine. Many overdose killing themselves that way or some actually deliberately commit suicide shooting themselves. What should all of this tell you? That human money, other riches, and the perceived power from both to control things and people does not automatically guarantee a normal or happy life. It is really about the choices we all make between choosing to do right or wrong especially when we either already know or come to learn after great pain and hardship the difference between right and wrong. Almighty God provides all of this knowledge and wisdom within His Word. If all in the world had never rejected the Word of Almighty God and we all followed His Guidance and did not stray, there’s no question this world and the people within it would not necessarily have perfect lives, but would certainly have better lives and outcomes. But, the world is an evil place, which is why many finally learn to turn to living and practicing the Word of Almighty God in order to receive the strength, wisdom, faith, trust, endurance and protection to turn their lives around via The Power of Almighty God. Hey, those of us in this world and many try everything else and still find ourselves at some point failing or empty. Empty of the ability to show or to receive real love, caring, or compassion and also making the same mistakes over and over again. Why? Because we reject living as Almighty God has instructed us to live. We place greater value on fast accumulation of huge amounts of money, new clothes, shiny cars, liquor, drugs, profanity, murder, pre-marital sexual fornication, and also bearing children outside of wedlock that we are not ready nor able to support emotionally nor financially without needed or sufficient education, employment, or adult maturity. Almighty God speaks of all this and way more via scriptures in the Holy Bible. Derek it’s not too late to make the decision to turn your life around by turning to daily read, understand, embrace, and to live the Word of Almighty God. Derek all else is sinking sand. All that is fast, shiny, feels, and looks good is definitely not good. Lucifer and his huge numbers of supernatural demons and forces of darkness both spiritual and human want you, me, and others in whatever dire circumstances with or without money, jobs, stable homes, proper food, health, medical care or whatever to believe we have no help and that we and our families are hopelessly lost and will be destroyed. Don’t you nor anyone else ever believe it! No matter what is going on, no matter what has happened, no matter what you have done in the past, no matte what has been done or is being done to you, never ever believe even for a second that Almighty God does not see and know all in your life or that He is not unavailable, able, or willing to answer your prayers and to help you in miraculous ways. Read, learn, know, and recite aloud to yourself and to others Almighty God’s Word. Have unwavering belief/faith/trust in Almighty God above anyone or anything. Derek don’t you dare give in to despair from deliberate evil attacks and discouragements in your path, but be strong in trying and trusting Almighty God & His Word first/foremost. Almighty God is an On Time God. Give Almighty God your broken life my friend. Father Almighty God, Yahweh, Allah, Jehovah, The I Am, Creator, Alpha Omega Wants You To Give Him Your Trust and Your Life To Things For You and Your Family You Cannot Now Imagine. Read His Word. Trust Him. Be Always in Prayer. Be Thankful for whatever blessings you do have such as your children and Be A Good Father providing support for and teaching your children right from wrong and all about Almighty God no matter what. Seek out a good bible-teaching church with a strong Godly African American male pastor and seek counseling from the pastor regarding all that is bothering you and those things you find hard to bear and challenges too great. Such a pastor will help you in wisdom, recommendations, and teach you to pray. Almighty God’s Spiritual Strength, Prosperity, and Peace Be Unto You & Yours Derek. Believe!!!


    Comment by DAD — December 24, 2012 @ 7:33 pm

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