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Danny on Danny Harris

Danny Harris interviews Danny Harris.

Judith on Changing Her Heart

As a child, I always felt like something was missing in my life. I grew up the only child with a mother who worked ...

Bill on Finding His Birth Parents

I'll be 60 in November, but I feel like I am getting younger as time moves forward.

Herman on Being a Minority in Reverse

I look back on my life and realize that my upbringing is a little different than most. We were the only white famil...

Chad America on Bartending at the Black Cat

Chad America is not my given name, but it is the name I go by…it is my acting name. I got in back in 1999. We wer...

Joe on Being an Asset to Society

My story may be a little rough to some people, but I hope that they can still hear my message: there is hope. Becau...

Joe on Life Lessons from the Bar

Working in a bar environment can be very exciting and rewarding. I guess you have to like people, though, If not, i...

Aaron on Being a Marijuana Lobbyist

Being a marijuana lobbyist is definitely the coolest job that you can have. It always makes for good conversation a...

David on the Brickskeller

The original menu of this place had Alaskan king crab legs for $1.75 and a pitcher of beer for $.85. Those prices a...

Derek on the Greatest Profession on the Planet

I grew up in the hard-core scene in D.C., which is funny to think about now that I own a bar.

Sam on the Audacity of Hops

I could have made a McCain beer I guess, but it would have been bitter, old, and dusty!