Emily Newell Blair, the most prominent Democratic woman in the country in the 1920's, was the Woman's National Club’s principal founder.

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Sherita on Putting the Neighbor in Neighborhood

I think that we did our children a great disservice when we took the neighbor out of neighborhood. Neighborhood sho...

Tony on Freeing His Mind

I think a lot about how my life would have been different had I had never come back to Washington.

George on Helping the City’s Most Vulnerable

It may sound simplistic, but the best way to serve people well is to, first and foremost, let them tell you what th...

Dr. Randi on Finding Balance

I think that it is very meaningful to people that I am still here after 19 years and I didn't give up on them.

Ruby on Having Enough to Eat

When I was working, I never had to go with no food, so it scared me to see myself and my babies not having enough t...