21% of D.C. residents do not speak English as a first language at home.

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Danny on Danny Harris

Danny Harris interviews Danny Harris.

Allie on Creative Expression

Growing up in the suburbs of D.C., you need to have a lot of strength and know who you are if you want to grow up a...

Rodney aka Fats on Changes

Man, everything done changes. Don't matter if you are talking about neighborhoods or hair, ain't nothing stays the ...

Collins on Something to Think About

The only thing that gets me about checking IDs is that next year, people born in 1990 will be 21. Dude, are you kid...

Joy on Sign Spinning

Laith on Yemen and D.C.

I think that my cousins from Yemen would love to visit me in Washington and play in all of the parks here.

Odalyz on Her Style

Style helped me figure out who I really am. I want to help other people be more like how they are supposed to be.

Roberto on Coming to Terms with Himself

I mean, how could I tell my Mom that I wanted to go to hair school? It was basically like coming out of the closet...

Sherri on Hair-Flair for Hope

Cancer is a really frightening thing, and I wanted to find a way to make women and children feel like rock stars.