The Old Post Office and Clock Tower is the largest commercial building in D.C.

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Mark on A Wider Circle

When we help a family in poverty, we are really helping ourselves. As humans, we don’t just stop at the edge of o...

Heather on Helping a Stranger

I started driving towards water, and ended up on a bridge along the Potomac. I don't really remember all of it, but...

Danny on Danny Harris

Danny Harris interviews Danny Harris.

Maudine on Her Only Regret

My first perception at Howard in the 50's was that all of the young men were impoverished because they wore short p...

Keith on Being More Than the Sum of His Parts

In 1999, I had just finished a job up on East-West Highway and New Hampshire Avenue when the hit-and-run happened. ...

Joe on Being an Asset to Society

My story may be a little rough to some people, but I hope that they can still hear my message: there is hope. Becau...

Willette on Taking Back Her Neighborhood

When we talk about violence in our communities, a lot of it comes from these kids with no hope or opportunities. Ev...

Ruby on Having Enough to Eat

When I was working, I never had to go with no food, so it scared me to see myself and my babies not having enough t...

Talaj’ae on How She Sees Things

Don't matter if it is Obama or Michelle Rhee, I don't see too much of the change that everyone promises. I may just...

John on Helping the Youth

One day, I just got so tired of all of the dying and couldn't take it any more. I decided to do everything in my po...

Duke on Shoes Keeping Him Young

Shoes keep me young. I feel like I can live another 90 years.

B.J. on the White People Moving in

For 30 years or better, we lived how we lived. Then, the white people started moving in.

Gregory on Being a Survivor

If you're here and alive, enjoy it. If not, you're wasting a gift.

Nicky on Therapeutic Riding

Therapeutic riding can have amazing effects and be hugely empowering for many people.

Lee on Miracles

We should all just help each other for the sake of helping. What other reason do you need?