The Black Cat opened in 1993.

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Danny on Danny Harris

Danny Harris interviews Danny Harris.

Tony on Being the Mayor of Congress Street

I can fix any car out there. If it has four wheels, I can take it apart and put it back together. Now, I work by my...

Sarita on Moving on

That last lock up was a real trip. You would not believe who my bunkmate was? Martha Stewart! I was in West Virgini...

Joe on Being an Asset to Society

My story may be a little rough to some people, but I hope that they can still hear my message: there is hope. Becau...

Katie on Community Gardening

It used to be that everyone had a garden. If you had dirt, you were growing something. At a certain point, that cha...

Duke on Shoes Keeping Him Young

Shoes keep me young. I feel like I can live another 90 years.

Clifton on the Disconnect between Findlay and Washington

Washington never fully depended on industry, so it is hard to feel its impact here.