The Marjorie Webster School of Expression and Physical Education, which later became Marjorie Webster Junior College, a two-year, private junior college for women operated in D.C. from 1928-1971.

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Danny on Danny Harris

Danny Harris interviews Danny Harris.

Jim on Being a Witness to History

Our community has long been built on sharing the history and traditions with the people before and after us. I reme...

Hollywood on Being a Brick in the Foundation

Doesn’t matter if people are getting a haircut or not, they come because it is a meeting place.

Kavitha on Asking Questions

Kavitha Cardoza is a senior reporter for WAMU 88.5. Here, a lot of people can't quite place me because of my acc...

Htar on Not Being Able to See Her Family or Country Again

Sometimes, I still don't know what happened to me. My life is like a bad dream. I just came to this country for thr...

J.B. on D.C.’s Rich Sports History

I am blessed to have played basketball at Dematha High School in Hyattsville, Maryland, one of the great national p...

John on Helping the Youth

One day, I just got so tired of all of the dying and couldn't take it any more. I decided to do everything in my po...

Archivist of the United States David Ferriero on Being Collector in Chief

To me, the National Archives is about the person on the street having access to the records of his or her governmen...

Kelly on the Freest Form of Expression There Is

A lot of people hate on graffiti and vandals because they think we are destroying a place, but I don't see it that ...

Arnold on Spreading the Joy

Went to parties that never quit with plenty of liquor and I danced with all of the high society people.

Sommer on DCist

I don't see D.C. residents as being complacent about the future of our city.

Carrie on Covering the Emissions Markets

I spend my days around the policy makers who created and regulate the emissions markets.

Armando on the Capital of the Empire

What makes this city unique for me is the fact that it has all of the realities of a local community, yet lives on ...

Svetlana on Brightest Young Things

If you give people a chance to have fun and do something different and creative here, of course everyone is going t...

Georges de Paris on How the Presidents Measure up

Presidents I go to see, but senators and Cabinet secretaries, they come to me.

Melissa on Social Work and Real World D.C.

You know, maybe if they put a Real World house in Petworth, that would make more sense. But, they would probably ne...

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