Construction on the WWII Memorial began in September 2001. The memorial opened to the public on April 29, 2004, and was dedicated on Saturday, May 29, 2004.

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Danny on Danny Harris

Danny Harris interviews Danny Harris.

Carl on Missing New York

I miss New York everyday. There, people know how to drive and have fun. These people here can't drive or have fun. ...

Rita on Not Playing the Game

Sometimes, I think that things here are too controlled and people do not want to get out of line.

Jason on Being a Private Chef

You know, when we moved to this city, we spent the first year lamenting leaving New York. Having lived there my ent...

Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld on The National Synagogue

People's District and Rachel Estabrook present the second in a series of audio portraits of D.C.'s religious leader...

Tone on Being Well Groomed

The thing that keeps me here is the women! Not really...OK, really it is the women!

Archivist of the United States David Ferriero on Being Collector in Chief

To me, the National Archives is about the person on the street having access to the records of his or her governmen...

Pixie on Miss Pixies

One day, I said the next time I am going to move furniture, I want it to be for me.

Master Instructor John O’Kelly on Paying Attention to the Signs

The thing was that I did not want to be in the marital arts business anymore. I just wanted to teach.

Craig on Dragging Washington into the 21st Century

I always joke that Washington is ten years behind what is happening in New York. For example, this whole cupcake fa...

Jason on Staying Involved in Political Life

I didn't want to do what a lot of people did, which was to leave the Hill and make money. So, I thought that I woul...

Hamzah on the Color Underneath Those Button-Downs

I feel like you can meet cool people here, though, who will let down their guard and tell you what they’re like.