Under the National Capital Revitalization and Self-Government Improvement Act of 1997, D.C. prisoners were put under custody of the Bureau of Prisons, and the Lorton, Virginia prison was required to close by December 31, 2001.

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Danny on Danny Harris

Danny Harris interviews Danny Harris.

Chad America on Bartending at the Black Cat

Chad America is not my given name, but it is the name I go by…it is my acting name. I got in back in 1999. We wer...

Joe on Life Lessons from the Bar

Working in a bar environment can be very exciting and rewarding. I guess you have to like people, though, If not, i...

Collins on Something to Think About

The only thing that gets me about checking IDs is that next year, people born in 1990 will be 21. Dude, are you kid...

Josh on Learning to Like Politics

I am learning to like the political side, even though I am not a political person. I don't really like admitting th...

D and Alaysies on the High Heel Race

I grew up in the DMV, and know that there are certain areas in the city that are open to gays and some places that ...

Bettie on Momma Shoes

Just as I want to teach my daughter about things, she teaches me.

Chuck on Being the Godfather of Go-Go

I still got the fire, the desire, and I am getting hired. Ain't no need to retire.

Morgan on Being Morgan

Josh on Magic

People here are fascinated when I say that I am a magician. They say, 'No really, what do you do?'

Derek on the Greatest Profession on the Planet

I grew up in the hard-core scene in D.C., which is funny to think about now that I own a bar.

Everett on Club Promotion

You know how DC is a melting pot, we try and get everybody to our parties.

Svetlana on Brightest Young Things

If you give people a chance to have fun and do something different and creative here, of course everyone is going t...

Hamzah on the Color Underneath Those Button-Downs

I feel like you can meet cool people here, though, who will let down their guard and tell you what they’re like.

Catherine and Moises on The District of Colombia

People enjoy each other for what they have there in Colombia. Here, people worry about what they don’t have.