As railroads became one of the few industries to consistently give jobs to African Americans, Ivy City became an increasingly black section of D.C.

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Councilmember Jim Graham on What it’s All About

The legislative achievements that I'm most proud of relate to helping those most in need. What it comes down to is ...

Jerry on His First Christmas Home Since 1998

I don’t think that all people who are incarcerated are bad people, I just think they made bad choices like I did....

Paul on Getting Better before it Gets Worse

I'm not sure exactly how old I am, but I know that I am past sixty.

Rebbie on Making Farmers Markets More Accessible

I really want to spread the word to lower income people around the area and I don’t know how to do that yet.

Everett on Getting it to the Homeless

All of us are human and we all need help at times, especially the homeless.

Jon on Taking Care of Your Backyard

It is the people over there in the White House and Capitol that are making the depression. Look at them. They have ...

Andrew on Overcoming Homelessness

From that point on, I realized that my worst day was someone’s best day. So, be thankful.

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