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Keith on Being More Than the Sum of His Parts

In 1999, I had just finished a job up on East-West Highway and New Hampshire Avenue when the hit-and-run happened. ...

Termaie on Giving Washington to His Kids

Today, I am taking my two older boys to their first real baseball practice. They have played T-Ball before, but nev...

Lt. Vines aka Coach Moe on Keeping Kids on the Straight and Narrow

Sometimes, I think that I was preordained to be a police officer.

J on Streetball

Now, I'm a point guard on my high school team. I learned a lot playing organized ball, but out here is where I lear...

Jason on Being a Scuba Diver…in Swimming Pools…in the Winter

So that they don't have to drain the pools in the winter time, they send scuba divers, like me, to inspect the pool...

Edmund on THEARC

Do you know how many times I have been told that THEARC is the best kept secret in the city? Despite the progress h...

J.B. on D.C.’s Rich Sports History

I am blessed to have played basketball at Dematha High School in Hyattsville, Maryland, one of the great national p...

Michaela on Swinging from a Pole

A woman wants to feel sensual and sexy. Swinging from a pole wearing six inch stiletto heels will do that to anyone...

Master Instructor John O’Kelly on Paying Attention to the Signs

The thing was that I did not want to be in the marital arts business anymore. I just wanted to teach.

Cassie and Alex on Bringing Dodgeball to the District

For me, dodgeball is such a stress relief. You work hard all day and then you can throw balls at people as hard as ...

Thomas on Chess in Dupont Circle

Most chess players, as much as we understand mathematics and all that good stuff, have a Ph.D. in fuckupitis when i...

Eugene ‘Thunder’ Hughes on the Midtown Youth Academy

People always tell me that I should change things here and make this place look new. I want to keep it the same way...

Tal aka ‘The Razor’ on Checkers

They call me 'The Razor' because I am known for giving close shaves.

Yacob on Learning How to Ride a Bike

I remember when I rode all by myself. I was so excited!

Bob on Being a Rowing Official

Many people don't know that D.C. has by far the largest concentration of high school rowers.

Anthony aka Big An on Breaking the Cycle

You know, it is hard growing up on the streets because people ain't playing out here no more.

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