In 1962, the Heurich Brewery was torn down to make room for entrance ramps for the Theodore Roosevelt Bridge and for what became the Kennedy Center.

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Danny on Danny Harris

Danny Harris interviews Danny Harris.

Philippa on Bringing Venetian Canals to Washington, D.C.

A few years ago, I had this idea: how can I bring canals to Washington, D.C.? After all of this time, I am excited ...

Amy on Storytelling

Storytelling, the way that we do it, shrinks that gap between consumer and creator of art.

Sheldon on His Mom’s First Visit to D.C.

In honor of tonight's People's District and SpeakeasyDC storytelling night at Town (2009 8th St. NW at 8pm, $10,), ...

Sandy on Playing a Part in Something Bigger

In D.C., I have gone in directions I never thought I would go into with costume design, like working with lobby gro...

Melvin on Filling Nothingness with Hope

Everyday, I deal with so many young people of color who have not been bred. They were born, but not bred. They don'...

Edmund on THEARC

Do you know how many times I have been told that THEARC is the best kept secret in the city? Despite the progress h...

Elaina on the Capitol Steps

You know, no kid sits in elementary school and says, ‘When I grow up, I am going to be a political satirist.’ I...

Charles on Preserving D.C.’s Jazz Legacy

I was stunned that the nation's capitol and the city that basically invented jazz did not have a jazz festival.

Josh on Magic

People here are fascinated when I say that I am a magician. They say, 'No really, what do you do?'

Akiva on Connecting to People Using a Dead Guy’s Words

At the end of the day, the politicians and I are working with the same material. Mine is just written down and they...