US Pole Dance Federation was founded in 2008, and is the first organization in the US to host professional pole dancing competitions.

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Sandra on Keeping Something in the Background

You know, I was never one of those people who fantasized about opening a bed and breakfast. People always tell me t...

Bill on Considering the Possibilities

We really try to inspire people while they are at the National Museum of Natural History. We want to present the op...

Lee on Miracles

We should all just help each other for the sake of helping. What other reason do you need?

Frank on Buttons

I got original buttons going back to McKinley and Teddy Roosevelt.

SM on Being the Ultimate Washington Insider

This is Hollywood for ugly people and I think that I am ugly enough to make it in this town.

Marvin on Appreciating the Tourists

People knock the tourists, but I don't see things like that. I mean, I have a job because of them, and I like that ...

Paul on Riding Through History

I really love D.C. and think that I am a permanent tourist here.