In 1819, John Porter erected a mansion and called it "Meridian Hill" because it was located on the White House meridian along 16th Street.

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Danny on Danny Harris

Danny Harris interviews Danny Harris.

Alycea on Punching Earthquakes and Tornadoes

I want to tell all of the kids in Washington not to worry about tornadoes and earthquakes because if they come here...

Jason on the Live Aboard Community in SW

This whole waterfront is changing, and I hope that our houseboat community can survive. We are over 100 people here...

Jason on Being a Scuba Diver…in Swimming Pools…in the Winter

So that they don't have to drain the pools in the winter time, they send scuba divers, like me, to inspect the pool...

Mikhael on Living on a Houseboat

People always ask about the best way to meet people when you move someplace new. Well, one of the ways I have found...

Gregory on Being a Survivor

If you're here and alive, enjoy it. If not, you're wasting a gift.

Jim on Doing Something about it

I like being active. It is probably part of the volunteer spirit and finding something to do when you are home and ...

Courtney and Nancy on Cross-Country Skiing

The Mall had a little magic to it with all of the snow.

Paul on Getting Better before it Gets Worse

I'm not sure exactly how old I am, but I know that I am past sixty.