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Twin on the Street Code

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

“I have a story that you won’t believe. I am telling you, this is all real. I got shot multiple times on the streets of Southeast D.C. in 2003. It started off with my twin sister, we’re identical, getting in an argument with a little boy, a juvenile. He was probably 13 or 14-years-old. He disrespected her and called her a bitch. This was not in our neighborhood where we know everyone, but out in Southeast. The next day, we went back around that neighborhood to go gambling. We saw the little boy again and he looked at us and told his friend, ‘Fuck them. Fuck the both of them.’

“My sister went back to go argue with the little boy. They had words and I told my sister to leave that little boy alone. When I said, “Little boy.’ he jumped up off the steps and said, “I’ll show you little boy!” He ran into the house and got a gun. When he did that, one of his friends said, ‘Boy, you just got that gun and you be pulling it on everyone.’ He turned on us with the gun, but one of his friends grabbed it and stopped him. I was like, man, how did this get so serious all of the sudden? I was mad. I was heated. I said, ‘This ain’t gonna go down like this.’ I mean, who the fuck this little boy think he is? That little boy could not just do that and disrespect us. My friend who I was with said, ‘Don’t sweat it. I have more than one gun at my house.’ I didn’t want to kill the little boy. I wanted to show him that he couldn’t do what he just did and think it’s ok. I mean, he did that shit to me and I didn’t want him to do it to someone else.

I got shot multiple times on the streets of Southeast D.C. in 2003.

“I went back around the alley where the little boy hung out. He was sitting on a car, rolling a joint. His back was turned and I put the gun to his head. He was scared as shit and started apologizing, saying he had no beef with me and my sister. I told him to stay the fuck out of our way. I said, ‘We don’t know you and you don’t know us. We don’t have no beef with you. I am just showing you how easy it is to get you, too. You just pulled a gun on us for no reason at all. I am teaching you a lesson.’ I turned around and walked away. The next day, I went back to the neighborhood to meet a friend, not even thinking about the little boy because I was passed that. I was talking with some friends and I saw the little boy come out of the alley. It was 100 degrees and he was wearing a long coat with a hood on. He kept his hands in his pockets. I was like, “Oh my God. I know what he’s getting ready to do. I ain’t no fool.’

“The little boy was anxious. I knew he was going to shoot me so I started running down the alley. All of the time I thought he was shooting at me, he was actually shooting in me. I only starting feeling the bullets when I heard someone say, ‘That crazy ass nigger is shooting her.’ I was shot three times in my left forearm. When I finally fell over, he came over to me. I said, ‘Look, I don’t know you and I have no beef with you. You shot me three times. Just turn around and walk away and I’ll do the same.’ He kept looking at me and I knew that he was getting ready to shoot me in my fucking head. So, I turned around and ran and held my head in case he tried to hit me there. He shot me in the head, but he took off my finger instead. He also shot me in the thigh and then in my back, my L1 vertebrae. I thought he was never going to run out of bullets. Finally, he just ran away and my friends came to help me. I could not move. I was paralyzed.

“I went to Howard University hospital on May 9, but did not go to surgery until May 11. I had DC Alliance insurance, but they would not do surgery on me that night or the next day. They waited until Medicaid kicked in on May 11. Man, I stayed fucked up for two whole days because of medical insurance. When I finally got Medicaid, I went to surgery and got back feeling in my right toe. We were celebrating, but I still could not walk so I had to go to therapy. But, God is good. They said he can make the paralyzed walk again and I am prime example. I was so determined that I wasn’t going to live my life in a wheel chair. I went through a lot, but I can smile about it now. I am happy this happened to me and not my twin. She would not have survived because I am much stronger than she is.

“You know, when I was in the hospital, the police came by telling me they knew who done shot me and wanted me to ID him, but I didn’t tell them nothing. I said it was a drive by. You know, street code. Turns out that the little boy and two of his friends went out to Anacostia after he shot me up and shot five people, including three women who were just hanging out. They got caught and the little boy got 77 years. Sometimes I think that those people would have still been here had I told on him, but you know the street code. Knowing what I know now, I can say that I would have told on him, but, in truth, I know that I wouldn’t snitch. I just look at it as what I won’t do someone else might do or God will take care of. I didn’t even think about telling the police. I wasn’t scared or nothing, I just didn’t want no one to tell on me if I was in the same situation. It’s been like that on these streets for a long time. Didn’t I tell you I had a story for your ass.”

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  1. speechless…….

    Comment by kia — August 2, 2011 @ 3:53 pm

  2. I don’t consider it snitching if you’re telling on someone that you don’t know. I think it’s plain stupidity that she didn’t say a thing. People have this mentality of no snitching but when someone harms someone they know, they blame the cops and say they aren’t doing enough

    Comment by Regis — August 26, 2011 @ 9:16 am

  3. This is a very sad story involving trthe clearly spiritually and morally sick ranging from the author and the little boy to certain of their friends and family members. This story clearly illustrates and displays the fact, as spoken of throughout the Holy Bible and other holy books worldwide, that evil supernatural, demonic forces, and powers of darkness ruled and directed by lucifer are not only rampant worldwide,
    but continue to daily easily and relentlessly attack, overtake, sicken, break, control, and devour human beings in many ways like and also different from those reflected in this story whose minds, spirit-souls, and bodies are unconnected to, not living by, unsaved, and unprotected by the tremendous necessity of daily, weekly, and monthly reading, prayer, and active knowledge of the Word, Law, and Moral Value of The Supreme Power of Almighty God, His Son Lord Savior Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit, as well as the daily need of a personal relationship with Almighty God to confess personal sins and disobedience against Him, His Word, and other human beings He Created, to ask His Forgiveness in the name of the sacrificed body and blood of Lord Jesus Christ.

    The time of humankind on earth is short. All things and multitudes of human beings in this evil world will get far worse than anyone can even begin to imagine, as is prophesied in holy scriptures. Such will not only be physically seen, but also strongly spiritually felt regarding rapid detection and starkly experienced. For all those untethered to Almighty God , Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit there will be much increasing fear, confusion, acceptance of deception, and great willingness to deny belief in Almighty God and Jesus Christ attempting to be spared deliberate and tremendous physical and spiritual persecution.

    Turn now to know and live Almighty God’s Word now before too late. Choose now to repent, be saved, strengthened, and to endure all present and ever-escalating increased worldly evil human and evil supernaturally imposed attacks, afflictions, trials and tribulations via daily faith/trust, prayer, thanks, and praise to Almighty God, and if not and remain refusing to do so, understand that your spirit-soul / bodies will without fail become consumed by and with the wicked in the end.

    Turn now before too late to the everlasting eternal life of your spirit-soul with Almighty God or risk burning and being forever destroyed. The helmet and breastplate armor of Almighty God to be saved and protected is daily prayer to and praise of Him by daily reading, knowledge, faith, and trust in The Word of Almighty God no matter what wrong and evil you see going on around you or that is being done to you and others.

    Those who do so will be given Almighty God’s Awesome Spiritual Power of unfamiliar new eyes to really see/understand, new ears to really hear, and new mouths to really speak that which Almighty God Gives to His People–His Power to see things you have not before ever seen, known, nor would have ever been able recognize ever before. It will be both overwhelming and frightening at first, but again trust in, believe in, and only fear Almighty God and disobedience to Him. Fear not the loss of your physical life doing the Will of Almighty God. Rather, fear instead the loss of your spirit-soul by resisting and turning away from Almighty God towards unrepentant sin and evil.

    Knowing, striving to daily live, and living Almighty God’s Word and also daily prayer, knowledge, active mind/spirit/verbal use, invocation, call and recitation of Almighty God’s Holy Word is humankind’s only protection not only against evil, but also against allowing evil to permeate and overtake each of us such that we too become evil. Not money nor other material riches of any men or women on earth can beat, defeat, nor control the awesome Supreme Power of Almighty God who created all and to whom everything belongs. Only Almighty God, Lord Jesus, and Holy Spirit have the greatest, most formidable power period. Never, ever forget this no matter what!

    Fully rely on, pray to, and call on the Power of Almighty God daily. All else regarding reliance is sinking sand. It is a great struggle in the midst of humankind’s arrogance, tremendous ignorance, utter deception, and foolishness but is of greatest reward and most worthy of daily fighting for via the Powerful Holy Spirit of Almighty God to win and not lose by doing otherwise. Again, it is definitely far from easy, requires strong faith and hope regardless of what is going on or not immediately seen, and requires a decided change in one’s mind, will, spirit and soul via daily meditation in prayer and reading of holy scriptures.

    Evil supernatural and human powers fully count on human beings not doing so or being easily discouraged from doing so no matter what. Therefore, we humans are easy prey and practitioners of all manner of sins and evil. Contrary to popular, arrogant, and incredibly foolish human belief, no one on earth in the past, present, nor the future has blessings nor does anything acceptable to Almighty God without conscious or unconscious mind/heart/spirit/soul belief, blessing, hope, trust, faith, awesome grace, strength, and power of Almighty God.

    Pray daily seeking forgiveness and strength from Almighty God for yourself and others known or unknown no matter what you or they have or have not done. All on earth should daily pray to Almighty God for help, strength, protection, and endurance against evil for themselves and others.

    Again, while not easy, it is the most powerful mind/heart/soul protective help and action to do daily, which will also move the physical body to do that acceptable and glorifying to Almighty God to Help His People in any way that you can small to large.

    At the same time, also understand evil will pursue those who do ever more relentlessly to break you down, turn you away from Almighty God/Jesus Christ/Holy Spirit, and to destroy you in every possible way. Only your strong unwavering faith, knowledge, daily prayer, mind/verbal recitation, belief and trust in Almighty God’s Word can thwart and combat such attacks. It’s called daily living and walking in Almighty God’s Supreme Word, Spirit, and Awesome Power.

    The lives and minds of all on earth are daily affected and threatened by evil and few, if there be any on earth, are fully righteous. All daily fall short in one manner or the other of the glory and what is acceptable to Almighty God. Our truest life journey in the midst of huge worldly greed, temptation, and all other evils is ultimately to choose whose team you are on and will live and work for. Almighty God’s or satan’s. Those who choose Almighty God’s Forever Winning & Everlasting Team will daily actively strive to become, live, and work for righteousness acceptably serving Almighty God in whatever ways prior to the fall of temporary flesh and return of their spirit-souls before Almighty God’s judgment of their physical lives / actions for or against Almighty God / His People on earth.

    No matter what Almighty God’s People are wearing, physically look like, have or do not have materially, may have suffered, been through, and will go through on His Team, Almighty God’s People are always the ultimate winners in this temporary physical life, evil materialistic world, and also after physical death whose spirit-souls will soar and succeed unlike millions of others’ to forever live gloriously with Almighty God forever in love, goodness, and everlasting light.

    Cling first and only to the Love, Word, & Power of Almighty God and His Kingdom. All things shall be added unto you from Almighty God as Almighty God Sees Fit and Knows Best to give you morally, spiritually, physically, or materially. Do so and be ye no longer blind, lost, and at great risk of the permanent loss or destruction of your mind / spirit-soul.

    May Almighty God’s Grace, Mercy, Forgiveness, Strength, Blessings, Power, Protection, and Peace Be Provided to All Worldwide.

    Comment by DAD — December 24, 2012 @ 3:05 pm

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